So, it’s been a looooooong time since I updated you on the progress at Green Acres and that’s simply because this whole boondoggle is taking a loooooooong time to finish. Just a refresher of where we started and where we are now (on the outside, that is.)

(We may or may not keep the dumpster around…I think that, and the surrounding pile, lends a certain je ne sais quoi.)

But, we have made huge progress, thank goodness, since the last post.  It’s actually starting to look habitable…habitable in that “you can’t actually use the bathroom, take a shower or use a kitchen” kind of way.  Baby steps.

1st Update:

New flooring…we were able to use the old flooring in most of the house.

It’s Southern Yellow Pine and most likely came from the property.  It was still salvageable in the bedrooms and living room.  You can see a shadow of a long-lost area rug in the living room, but who’s counting?  One problem….the living room is now open to the dining room which is now open to the kitchen, so we have a little ledge where the elevation changes going from the living room to the dining room and the color is SLIGHTLY different.

No biggie…we’re putting that in the ever-growing “adds character” pile.

The bedrooms are painted and ready for furniture!  That’s something, right?

(We kept the wood wall that was hiding underneath the drywall.)

Ed and I have been painting interior doors like crazy.

We bought some old doors at the Tobacco Barn and in the process of stripping them, we discovered that we actually liked the layers showing through.  I say “we”, but as you’re starting to learn, Ed does 10 things to my 2, and stripping the doors is one of those 10 things.  When it comes to chores, I have the attention span of this puppy.

Unfortunately, I’m not nearly as adorable.

Next up….painting the kitchen cabinets (which aren’t really cabinets…that will make sense later), getting them templated for countertops, re-glazing the old kitchen sink and tub and….I’m just going to stop now because I’m starting to get exhausted again.  As I’ve said before, stay tuned….